A Survey of Traditional Medicinal Uses of Catha Edulis (Celastraceae) in Meru and Embu Counties of Kenya

Authors : Josphat K. Kiunga, Catherine W. Lukhoba, Saifuddin F. Dossaji, Abiy Yenesew

Catha edulis (qat) is an evergreen tree or shrub whose young leaves and stems are widely chewed in Eastern Africa. The aim of the present study was to document ethnomedicinal value of Catha edulis as used traditionally by the Ameru and Aembu communities of Kenya.

The study was conducted between the months of September (2014) and February (2015), and involved 42 key informants (32 males and 10 females) aged between 45 and 84 years. Snowball and purposeful sampling techniques were used in the selection of key respondents. A semi-structured questionnaire was administered to collect ethnomedicinal data using face-to-face interviews and discussions with key respondents. [Full Article]

Key Words : Qat, ethnomedicinal, traditional varieties, psychostimulant

Published in : International Journal of Ethnobiology & Ethnomedicine

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