Phenotypic and allelic distribution of ABO And Rh-D blood Groups in Blood Transfusion Center of Avicenna Military Hospital, Marrakech, Morocco

Authors: Hafid Zahid, Anass Yahyaoui, Jean Uwingabiye, Abdelhak El Khazraji, Rachid El Hadef, Nezha Messaoudi

Introduction: the purpose of our work was to present new national statistical of phenotypic and genotypic prevalence of ABO and Rhesus (D) blood groups using a new sample.

Materials and Methods: This study was carried out in the department of blood transfusion center of the Avicenna Military hospital Marrakech on a sample of 8077 young recruits between 1/1/2015and 12/31/2015. This is a military population from different Moroccan region, composed by 98% of men and 2% of women, whose ages range between 18 and 21 years. Results: The blood group “O” was found in approximately half of the samples (49,01%), the rate of group A (31.47%) was two times higher than that of group B (15.15%), group AB was the least frequent (4.35%). We note a clear predominance of the Rh positive subjects (89.86%) compared to the Rh negative subjects (10.13%) in our Moroccan population. Regarding the frequency of the genotypes of our population we have the following results: O allele was the most common, its prevalence was 89.82%, the A allele was in second position with a frequency of 19, 90 %, allele B was the least frequent (10, 28%). The allele D (RH1) (68.17%) was dominant over the d (RH-1) allele (31.82%).Discussion and conclusion: Our results are compared to previous similar studies carried out in Morocco and in other countries. These results are identical to those found in Mediterranean countries and shows that Morocco is in an intermediate situation between the countries of Europe and those of Sub-Saharan Africa.[Full Article]

KEYWORDS: ABO blood group, Rhesus blood group

Published in : International Journal of Medicine & Health Research

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