Relationship between Iranian EFL Learner’s Self-Esteem, and Grammatical Accuracy in Written Discourse

Authors:-Samineh Poorsoti, Nader Asadi

This study aimed at investigating the relationship between Iranian EFL learners’ self-esteem and grammatical accuracy of their writings. The participants were 60 male and female advanced learners of English as a foreign language (EFL) at Iran Language Institute (ILI), Tabriz, Iran.

The data were collected by administering Coopersmith self-esteem questionnaire and a picture description test (beginners’ composition writing through pictures) from Heaton’s book. The results showed a significant positive and weak relationship between the scores of self-esteem and grammatical accuracy score by using Pearson correlation.[Full Article]

KEYWORDS: Self-esteem, Grammatical Accuracy

Published in : Journal of Arts and Language Studies

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