Avulsion Fracture of the Calcaneal Tuberosity: Report of two cases with literature review

Authors:-Tarik Elyacoubi1, Jalal Mekkaoui, Abdellatif El bahraoui, Salim Bouabid, Mustapha Boussouga

Avulsion fractures of the calcaneal tuberosity remains rare; they usually caused by forced ankle dorsiflexion; direct trauma occur infrequently; it must be treated immediately; to avoid the skin necrosis of the posterior heel; the treatment approach is of interest in this rare injury and the operative management is based on a review of the literature.

Non operative treatment is classically associated with bad results. Hence the surgical intervention is generally the treatment of choice. The authors report two cases of unusual avulsion fractures of the calcaneal tuberosity treated by open reduction and internal fixation with a good functional result.[Full Article]

KEY WORDS: avulsion fracture, calcaneal tuberosity, treatment

Published in :International Journal of Medicine and Health Research

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