Butea monosperma roxb. ex Willd Associated with Endophytic Fungal

Authors:-Madhu Prakash Srivastava

Endophytic fungi are one of the most unexplored and diverse group of organisms that make symbiotic associations with higher life forms and are said to produce beneficial metabolites for host.

So for only few plants have been screened for their endophyte biodiversity. Butea monosperma Roxb. ex willd. known as ‚Flame of forest‛ possess medicinal properties. A total of 200 segments from 20 different plant parts were screened for their endophytic mycoflora. Twenty one fungal species of Aspergillus (11%), Alternaria (9%), Chaetomiun (13%), Colletotrichium (8%), Fusarium (12%), Mucor (12%), Micrococus (10%), Penicillium (12%), Rhizopus (9%) and Verticillium (5%) were isolated. In this study the most dominant endophytic flora was found to be Chaetomium globosum (13%).[Full Article]

KEY WORDS:-Biodiversity, Endophytic fungi, Butea monosperma, Chetomium globosum, Medicinal plant.

Published in : International Journal of Pharmacy and Bio sciences

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