Determinants of Organizational Commitment among the Faculty Members of Private Tertiary Institutions

Authors:-Dolores T. Qiambao, Alvin V. Nuqui

This study aimed to determine the predictors of organizational commitment of the college teachers in selected schools in Pampanga. The predictors of organizational commitment were classified into personal factor, professional factor and job factors.

The personal factors consisted of the age, gender and civil status, while the professional factors were categorized into educational attainment, length of teaching in the current school and length of teaching in other school(s), and the job factors comprised of salary, benefits, incentives and job satisfaction. A sample of eighty nine (89) teachers from nine (9) colleges and universities in Pampanga were used as the respondents of the study. Inferential statistics such as Pearson Moment Correlation Coefficient was employed to test the hypotheses of the study. Findings showed that the personal factors namely; age, civil status and gender do not significantly affect organizational commitment. Further, the professional factors as being categorized as the length of teaching service and salary were not correlated either to organizational commitment. It was revealed that only educational attainment, incentives and job satisfaction significantly affect the commitment of the teachers.[Full Article]

KEYWORDS: faculty members, commitment

Published in : [Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities Research ]