Four complications of pregnancy affecting the placental villi

Authors:- Olivar C Castejón S, Ángela López G

Preeclampsia severe, megaloblastic macrocitic anemia, infection by zika virus and marginal insertion of umbilical cord affected to patient of 26 years old who showed fetal death to 22 weeks of pregnancy. Light microscopy was applied to the study of her placenta.

Stem villi were observed with syncytial hyperplasia, congested vessels, dilated regions in their trajectory, changes in the thickness of the syncytium or interruptions, scanty development of muscular layer in stromal vessels, immature intermediate villi with aneurysms, mature intermediate villi with scarcity of terminal villi, terminal villi with interrupted syncytium and bad development of ramifications of the placental villi which impede the normal interchange of gases or nutrients. These complications of the pregnancy have provoked severe degenerative changes in the placental villous tree that affected the immature and mature intermediate villi with scarcity of terminal villi which have contributed with the death early of the fetus[Full Article]

KEY WORDS: Preeclampsia. Macrocitic anemia. Zika virus. Marginal insertion

Published in :[Advances in Biology and BioMedicine]