Pregnant and found ex on Tinder ? unplanned pregnancy and feeling pretty miserable.

I’m 26 weeks into a pregnancy that is unplanned feeling pretty miserable. My ex that is 50; dumped me at 9 days as he discovered him come round out I was pregnant, didn’t want any more children etc. We’ve remained (surprisingly) on good terms, because I’ve made an effort to in the hope that the softly softly approach may make.

This early morning we woke towards the news he has got been seen on Tinder and had been delivered a display screen shot to show. This might be really upsetting once we had been together just 3 times ago, and I also have always been instead ashamed to acknowledge we now have nevertheless been having intercourse [emoji20]

He understands I’m heartbroken in regards to the split up. Our relationship had been good therefore we had been pleased. He admits this too. I simply feel therefore harmed he can’t also wait another a few months to maneuver on before the infant exists and show me personally that bit of respect. Making such an attempt to take action so earnestly is damaging. i’m actually stupid and used, but I still love him. Why!

Do I state one thing to him, or perhaps is it simply perhaps perhaps not worth every penny? I simply type of feel he should be aware that i understand. But he’s such an it’d that is narcissist just find yourself returning on me[emoji20] x

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Divorce and separation

Can we be located by ex / solicitor? Legal counsel re contact please.

Divorce and separation

Pregnant and separated.

Divorce and separation

Pregnant and spouse has event.

Divorce and separation

39 days 5days expecting. and hes dumped me.

Sorry to be therefore blunt but he could be utilizing you he can get his leg over as he knows. There’s absolutely absolutely nothing worse then unrequited emotions. Place a end to it now, it will just get harder the longer it continues. If some body would like to be with you chances are they will, they wouldn’t mess you about, big hugs

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As PP’s have stated, stop sex that is having him. You’re the main one that’s likely to get hurt, he demonstrably does care that is n’tJust pay attention to the infant. Try not to contact your ex lover, make sure he understands simply to contact you if he really wants to begin to see the infant.

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As PP’s have stated, stop sex with him. You’re the main one that’s going to get harmed, he clearly doesn’t care.Just pay attention to the infant. Never contact your ex lover, make sure he understands simply to contact you if he would like to start to see the infant.

LG 29.03.18 [emoji175][emoji304]

This. Additionally make sure he understands as soon as the visit would be to signal the delivery certificate, you later for not being on it so he can’t blame. Supply the infant your surname, it’ll be easier when you look at the long haul and additionally get through the CMS ( or whatever it is called now) getting appropriate maintenance when child arrives.

It won’t be taking place once more. I’m currently too harmed by this and everything else that he’s done. And I’m therefore furious with myself.

I simply didn’t understand whether or not to talk to him about any of it, simply tell him exactly how it is made me feel. Or do i recently cut him down and get quiet without any description.

It’s a rather unfortunate state to take at 50 and 35 x

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Therefore sorry to know on tinder that you are going through this Hun I wouldn’t even mention let him make a fool of himself. Ensure that is stays civil but be dull you’re worth more that that. Xxx

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exactly What a horrible situation you are experiencing to deal with – giving you hugs this evening.:sadhug

I am happy to observe that you will get the right supportive replies on your thread.

Natalie perhaps you have accepted in your heart that the partnership has ended? Have you’d any conversations along with your ex in regards to the future and their part as a dad?

Think about help through your pregnancy for you right now – do you have any close friends or Sapiosexual dating site family members who you could confide in and who can support you?

It may be very hard to simply accept that relationship is finished, particularly when there was a kid on route, but keep chatting in any way we can.:hug with us here at netmums and we’ll support you:

Divorce and separation

12 months pregnant and worried for the marraige

Divorce and separation

He’s left me at 8 months expecting and the rent can’t be afforded by me?

Divorce and separation

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