Volume 1 – Issue 1

Title : An inventory model for deteriorating items with variable type demand rate and different selling prices
Authors : P. R. Jayashree

Many goods undergo decay or deterioration over time which suffer from depletion by direct spoilage while stored. So decay or deterioration of these goods in stock is a very realistic feature and it is necessary to use this factor in inventory models. In this paper we have developed an order level inventory model for constant rate of deterioration. We have also considered a variable type of demand which behaves differently in the given time horizon. The demand rate is constant for a certain fixed time and then the demand varies linearly with time. This paper also deals with different selling prices in two different time periods. The objective of the model is to find the optimal on-hand inventory by considering the profit function.

Keywords :Deterministic Inventory Model , Deterioration , Profit functions , Two different selling prices , Variable demand rate
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Title : Packet loss minimization in asynchronous transfer mode (atm) in wireless communication networks
Authors : Udeh Ikemefuna James,Lois Onyejere Nwobodo,

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) is a multiplexing/switching protocol for broadband services where information flow on logical connections are organized in fixed size cells called packets. The fundamental problem of this wide area switched networks is packet losses due to congestion, bit errors or deliberate discards/. This paper focused on the reduction of packet losses to ensure optimal performance of the ATM network. analysis of the distribution of consecutive cell losses in ATM switch and loss process analysis of the knockout switch using stochastic activity networks are proposed. UltraSAN, a SAN
based performance modeling and analysis tool were used to automatically generate and construct the needed Markov processes of the underlying stochastic activities of the switch and workload. Packet losses and loss rate were determined using active probe utilities. Results showed that a percentage of 0.01 to 10 percent reduction in packet losses were achieved by the combination of high activity fractions and low loads.

Keywords : Asynchronous Transfer Mode , Packet Loses ATM Switch , Active Probe Activities , Low Load
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Title : Reducing error rates in image transmission over 3g system using convolutional code techniques wireless communication networks
Authors : Udeh Ikemefuna James, Lois Onyejere Nwobodo, ,

Error correction codes are widely used in almost all digital systems as they provide a method for dealing with the unknown like noise. This research investigated the role of reducing error rates in image transmission over 3G systems using convolutional coding technique in MATLAB. The error correction code employed was the convolutional error correction codes. The performance of the codes are evaluated based on key performance indicators like Bit Error Rate (BER), number of symbols or data compared and number of errors detected. For the verification of proposed approach, computer simulation results are included. The results show a comparison of the performance terms of their Bit Error Rate (BER) of convolutional code with different code rate ( ½ and 1/3 ) used. Based on the results, between 60% and 65% improvement on coding was achieved between reference points of 10-2 and 10-4 respectively for the two code rates. The results also show that as the Bit Error Rate (BER) decreased, the coded system can transmit data signals with at least 3dB less power, so making the performance of the coded system better than the uncoded system.

Keywords : Error Correction , Bit Error Rate , 3g Network , Convolution Code , Transmission Over
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Title : C/C++ Program- Determination of Energy Band Gap from UV-Visible Spectrograph Results
Authors : Rajivgandhi S,Dinesh Kumar A,Balamurugan K

Currently computers are used in all areas of research and development. Main theme of this article is how and why we will use the high level programming languages like C/C++ languages for simple calculation in physics. This article reports the energy band gap of materials using C program. The calculation made by characterization of sample using absorbance spectrum of sample is obtained from UV–Vis Spectrometer. We have written and executed the C program successfully for the calculation of band gap energy. While executing the program we got better and accurate results.

Keywords : C/C++ program , energy band gap , UV-Visible spectrograph
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Title : Black-Scholes PDE and Ornstein-Uhlenbeck SDE Process to Analyse Stock Option- A Study in Fuzzy Context
Authors : M. Shahjalal,Abeda Sultana,Maheswara Rao Valluri,Nirmal Kanti Mitra,A.F.M. Khodadad Khan

Option valuation plays an important role in financial derivative. Prices of underlying assets are derived from other assets. In this paper, Fuzzy approximation to Black-Scholes PDE is considered to analyze options. Ornstein-Uhlenbeck SDE process is solved numerically to visualize the future price trajectory of stock. Drift and diffusion coefficients of SDE process are considered as triangular fuzzy numbers. The study found to be a qualitative and satisfactory agreement while comparing the real data.

Keywords : Fuzzy stochastic differential equation , Black-Scholes PDE , Ornstein-Uhlenbeck SDE , Drift , Diffusion ,Derivative , Option
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Title : Android Security Application
Authors : Ma. Magdalena V. Gatdula,Alvin V. Nuqui

The main purpose of the study is to design and develop an Android Security Application that will secure contacts,conversations, and pertinent files once the phone was lost. The application can detect the new mobile number of the newuser if replaced by another Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card and the cell phone will be set in flight mode. In order to make the study possible, several methods and techniques were employed in developing an efficient security application that is capable of retrieving contacts and detecting new SIM card number. The study utilized developmental research design to simulate and explain various conditions that may affect the achievement of the objectives of the study. After developing the application, the researcher did several tests on how the application behaves when installed with android phones having different operating system’s versions. The developed application was evaluated and showed a good acceptability level based on the respondents evaluation. The system was found acceptable and has a “Very Good” rating as reflected by the  computed grand mean of 4.64. The researcher recommends pre-installing the application in every Android Operating System so that when the phone was formatted, the application will not be deleted.

Keywords : Android application , phone security , mobile , developmental
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Title : Estimate the Insulin Secretion Stimulated by GLP-1 Using Yule and CMJ Process
Authors : A. Dinesh Kumar,M. Vasuki,P. Pavithra,S. Srinithi

Glucagon like Peptide 1 (GLP-1) exerts beneficial antidiabetic actions via effects on pancreatic β and α cells. Previous studies have focused on the improvements in β cell function, while the inhibition of α cell secretion has received less attention. The aim of this research was to quantify the relative contribution of GLP-1 induced insulin increase and glucagon decrease, on the overall glucose lowering effect of native GLP-1 infusions in a clinical setting with the help of Yule process and estimation of convex function with focus on exponential or Markovian case.

Keywords : Insulin , GLP-1 , Yule Process , CMJ Process & Normal Distribution.
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