Volume 1 – Issue 1

Title : Enhancing the Role of Horn of African Entrepreneurs in the Current Global Business Environment
Authors : Mengsteab Tesfayohannes,Mussie T. Tessem,Sebhatleab Tewolde

This study discusses the perceptions, practices and challenges of African entrepreneurs in the currently dynamic andinterconnected global business environment. In doing so, it develops a conceptual framework taking into account the objectiveof the paper, the African context as well as anecdotal facts based recommendations that are intended to help Africanentrepreneurs how to react and function within the interactions of the international business environment. Implications of thesefindings and future research directions are discussed

Keywords : Africa , horn of Africa , entrepreneurs , global , business , environment
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Title : Examining the link between organizational justice and counterproductive work behaviour
Authors : Monanu Oge G.,Okoli Ifeanyi E.,Adibe Charles Gozie

In this research, organizational justice was detailed to show and to observe its relationship with its counterproductive work behavior. The research takes total of one hundred and ninety eight (198) workers working in Anambra State Civil Service Awka. It served as the respondents in this study. Cochran, (1963) sampling technique was employed to get the sample size and the research questionnaire was used to draw fact information from the respondents. Participants were randomly selected and elicit by using sampling method. In the population of 198 respondents 83 (that is 41.92%) of the total population were males while 115 (that is 58.08%) of the total population were females. Organisational Justice (OJ) was evaluated by the use of a 20-items scale while the counterproductive work behavior (CWB) was evaluated with a 25- items measuring scale. The study results revealed that mean values of the organisational justice gives a positive significant relationship results in the study with its counterproductive work behavior.

Keywords : Organisational Justice ,Counterproductive behavior
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Title : Capturing the best skills to generate and inspire the multigenerational workforce
Authors : Imelda A. Mora

The study was conducted to assess and describe the best skills to generate and inspire the multigenerational workforce. The subject of this dissertation has been chosen to find out strategies on how to create a cross-generational friendly school and how to create an environment that will be comfortable to all generation groups and when culture of excellence will thrive. Leaders will find this research an appropriate reference for managing multigenerational personnel. The seven (7) schools that participated in the research were: a) Assumpta Academy Bulacan, b) Colegio del Buen Consejo, Pasig City, c) La Consolacion College, Mercedes Pasig City, d) La Consolacion School, Balagtas, Bulacan, e) La Consolacion College, Valenzuela City, f) La Consolacion College, Caloocan City and g) La Consolacion College, Tanauan City, Batangas. The questionnaire consists of three parts. Part I is for the demographic profile of the respondents comprising of gender, highest academic degree, level in the organization and generation group. Part II is the quantitative part with three sections. Section A is the adaption of Carol Dweck’s mindset Scale. This is a 20 item quiz that aims to determine the orientation of the mindset of the respondent (growth mindset or fixed mindset). The study utilized the descriptive method of research using simple purposive sampling technique. Based from the data collected, the following were concluded: there is no significant difference in the behavioral skills between Males and Females, there is no significant difference in the behavioral skills between Bachelors, Master, and Doctor degree holders, there is no significant difference in the behavioral skills among the Administrators and Faculty members and there is no significant difference in the behavioral skills among Builders, Baby  Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials.

Keywords : Best kills , multigenerational workforce
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Title : The reading comprehension and mathematics proficiency level of high school students and their correlates
Authors : Rigette Ryan s. Ramos,Enrique G. Baking,Dolores T. Quiambao,Reynaldo C. Nicdao,Alvin V. Nuqui,Reynaldo C. Cruz

This study dealt with the different factors affecting the mathematics proficiency level of high school students of the public secondary schools in Sta. Ana, Pampanga. It described the school factors in terms of facilities and book student ratio the teacher – respondents’ highest educational attainment, age, civil status, teaching experience and seminars/trainings attended the proficiency levels of the students in reading comprehension and mathematics and the educational attainment of the parents and monthly income of the family of the students. The problems encountered by the mathematics teachers in teaching the subject and the proposals to remedy the problems were likewise included. The data gathered were treated with the use of frequency distribution, weighted mean, and percentage. Correlational analysis and chi – square test were also used in this study. Based from the results, all school related factors and teacher related factors in terms of civil status, years of teaching and seminars/trainings attended affect the mathematical proficiency of the students reading comprehension level is significantly correlated to the students mathematics proficiency level while the teacher related factors along the aspects of educational attainment and age and all family related factors were not significantly related to the mathematics  proficiency level of the students.

Keywords : Mathematics Proficiency Level , High School Students
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Title : Correlates of students’ academic performance in intermediate level
Authors : Mary Lane g. Lansangan,Enrique G. Baking,Dolores T. Quiambao,Reynaldo C. Nicdao,Alvin V. Nuqui,Reynaldo C. Cruz

This research focused in determining the relationship between the related factors and the academic performance of randomly selected intermediate pupils in three (3) selected public schools in Porac East District school year 2013-2014. Three hundred twelve (312) pupil respondents hence, thirty six (36) teacher respondents were asked to answer the questionnaires. The major findings indicated the following conclusions Respondents belonged to small sized families along with their parents who are living together. In relation to parents’ profile, they achieved low educational level. In relation to the other related factors, teachers are assuring quality education even though opportunities on trainings are limited to few. Also, instructional materials were rated as always. Concerning to the pupil-teacher ratio, majority belonged in bigger classes at the same time their assessment for school facilities is adequate. Pertaining to the academic performance, it is described as good. In contrast, methods/strategies show significant relationship in the academic performance. Generally, the study concluded that there is no significant relationship exist between pupil, teacher and school related factors and pupils’
academic performance.

Keywords : Academic Performance Intermediate Pupils
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Title : Student Affairs and Services Among Selected Higher Education Institutions in Bulacan – A Policy Study
Authors : Romulo B. Mercado Jr.,Danilo S. Hilario,Alvin V. Nuqui

The study aimed to analyze and determine the extent of implementation and compliance of selected Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Bulacan based on the Guidelines on Student Affairs and Services (SAS) and its impact to the students and institutions. The results of the study revealed that the assessment of the student respondents and student personnel services produced similar results. They perceived that SAS programs among selected HEIs in Bulacan are “existing and implemented.” However, Student Housing, and Services for Students with Special Needs are perceived by both groups as “not existing but implemented.” Both groups consistently perceived that SAS programs are mostly implemented at “great extent” by their institutions and implemented within the minimum standard and its impact are perceived by both groups positively.

Keywords :student affairs and services , policy study , student welfare programs , student development programs ,
impacts , higher education institutions.
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Title : Influence of information and communication technology utilization on teachers’ performance – towards enhancing technology-driven schools

This research paper sought to investigate how the utilization of Information and Communication Technology influences the teachers’ performance among the Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM) secondary schools in Luzon. The simple descriptive survey and descriptive-correlational research methods were employed in exploring the influence between variables. The level of influence of the teachers’ utilization of ICT resources on their performance was statistically analyzed using multiple regression analysis. In this study, it was found that the teachers’ utilization of ICT software resources in RVM schools in Luzon exerted significant influence on their performance in terms of promotion of learning environment, diversity of learners, curriculum implementation and spiritual growth. In addition, the teachers’ utilization of ICT hardware resources exerted significant influence on their performance in terms of social regard for learning, planning, assessing and reporting, community linkages, personal growth and professional development, and spirituality. An ICT Strategic Plan was derived from the findings of the study to further improve the teachers’ utilization of ICT resources.

Keywords : Information and communication technology , teachers’ performance , influence
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Title : Predictors of Board Exam Performance of the DHVTSU College of Education Graduates
Authors : Dolores Quiambao,Enrique Baking.,Laura Miriam B Buenviaje.,Alvin v. Nuqui,Reynaldo c. Cruz

As the institution endlessly offer quality education, innovating instruction practice and enhancing graduates’ performances serve up as an input for professional development. The main concern of the study is to determine the predictors of board exam performance of education graduates at Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University. Survey method and extensive documentary analyses were utilized in gathering and interpreting the data. Findings of the study revealed teachers’ educational attainment, teachers’ length of service, quality of library facilities, quality of laboratory facilities, students’ intelligence quotient, and students’ grade point average formed a very significant set of predictors for passing the  licensure examination for teachers. Hence, these factors are to be considered vital in developing policies to further improve the education graduates performance in the licensure examination.

Keywords : Board examination , education graduates , predictors , descriptive correlation , Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University , College of Education , Bacolor Pampanga Philippines
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Title : The Effect of Green Marketing Tools on Sport Products Consumers’ Behavior Hamedan Islamic-Azad-University Higher Education Students and Faculty Members view point
Authors : Sirous Ahmadi,Fateme Javadi,Parvin Mohammadi Pakravan

The aim of this study is to investigate the consumer’s attitude toward green marketing and its effect on green purchase decision of sport equipment consumers. For this purpose, a sample of 384 samples has been selected using stratified random method from physical education university students of Islamic Azad University of Hamedan in all degrees (associate degree, bachelor’s, and master’s). By studying the theoretical basis of green marketing mix and green purchase decision, the conceptual model and questionnaire have been designed and developed and data has been collected. Finally, regression results on consumer purchasing behavior have been used to examine the hypotheses. Findings imply that aspects green marketing have significant and positive influence on consumer’s green purchase decision.

Keywords : Green Marketing , Green Marketing Mix , Green Purchase Decision , Biological Advertisement , Biological Brand (Green Brand) , Biological Tag
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Title : Sustainability of the Contributory Pension Scheme in Nigeria
Authors : Ngozi B. Ijeoma,Chris I. Nwufo

This study examined the stability of the contributory pension scheme (CPS) in Nigeria. The objectives of this study includes, to examine whether the CPS has significantly impacted on the economic development of Nigeria, to examine the extent to which CPS has impacted on the development of the Nigerian capital market, and to examine whether there is a sound risk management and effective investment strategy in existence capable of ensuring sustainability of the new scheme. The source of data for this study include primary and secondary source of data collection. The statistical tools employed in
the data analysis include the simple regression analysis, the Kruskal-Wallis test and the Cronbach Alpha reliability. The result of this study found there exist a strong positive linear relationship between the contributory pension expenditure and the GDP (gross domestic product) in Nigeria. Also found was that the contributory pension Scheme has significantly impacted the development of the Nigeria Capital market. In addition, the findings revealed significant evidence of sound risk management and investment strategies in existence to ensure sustainability of the contributory pension scheme in
Nigeria. The result of reliability test of the responses obtained using the research instrument obtained a Cronbach alpha value of 89.1%. This result implies that the response obtained possess 89.1% internal reliability and consistent.

Keywords : Capital market , GDP , Risk management , Reliability , Pension expenditure
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Title : Role of Commerce Education in Government and Privet Sector
Authors : M. N. Narule,R.R. Karmore

Commerce education is one of the most important faculty in three fundamental academic streams, the other two being humanities and science. Commerce can pursue market, basics of economics, fiscal policies, industrial policies, accountancy, business administration, E-commerce, finance, economics and marketing. Indian economy is one of the fastest growing economies among the third world countries, the need for talented professionals, who can contribute towards the growth of the economy.

Keywords : Commerce education , Indian economy , government sector , privet sector
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