Volume 1 – Issue 1

Title : The Role of Technology in the Sustainable Economic Development- the Case of Africa
Authors : sally farid

The purpose of this paper is to study under what conditions technological innovation can foster and promote sustainable development. It considers all forms of technological innovations that are potentially conducive to sustainable development. This article examines how technology has contributed in promoting sustainable economic development and particularly in Africa. It presents the concept of Sustainable Economic Development and the Sustainable Economic Development Strategies, discusses existing technologies in sustainable development, shows the role of technology in sustainable development, and presents the information and communication technology to promote economic development in Africa and the obstacles to set up policies for innovation and technology in Africa. Several working methods were used, one aspect
common to all the methods used is that we have favored a multidisciplinary approach, which takes account of technological, ecological, economic, institutional and social aspects.

Keywords : Technology , Sustainable Economic Development , ICT in Africa.
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Title : Employability and productivity of graduates- an exploratory analysis of program strengths and weaknesses
Authors : Enrique G. Baking,Dolores T. Quiambao,Reynaldo C. Cruz,Laura Miriam B. Buenviaje,Reynaldo C. Nicdao,Alvin V. Nuqui

The purpose of the study was to assess the employability and productivity of the graduates across programs in aid of policy formulation and curricular enhancement. The study asked 630 randomly selected respondents from the colleges of education, engineering, and architecture to respond to a questionnaire that sought information on the employability and productivity of the graduates. The findings revealed that the graduates of Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University are highly employable, and that a great majority of them have jobs aligned with their pre-service preparations.
The graduates were found to be highly productive in terms of their perceived readiness on the requirements of their jobs. In terms of their performances in licensure examination, the education, civil engineering, and electronics and communication engineering graduates performed much higher than the national passing rates, but not for the electrical and mechanical engineering and architecture graduates. Some operational strategies and control mechanisms are deemed exigent to further improve the productivity of the graduates.

Keywords : Employability , productivity , employability framework , Don Honorio Ventura Technological State
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