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Title : Promoting Reliability and Security of the OJT Student Records for the College of Information and Communications Technology through the Development of Online Management System with SMS Notification
Authors : Evelyn C. Samson,Rosalyn P. Reyes,Ivy S. Bernardino,Enrique M. Ravana

The main purpose of this study is to design and develop an Online Management System for the College of Information & Communications Technology OJT Office with SMS Notification. The On-the-Job-Training (OJT) Office in the College of Information & Communications Technology at Bulacan State University manually process and keep the records of every student who are taking up their OJTs. Compiling student documents needs a lot of work and greater space, and maintains them organized and safe. Web-based Management System with SMS Notification gives a solution in managing time, improve working processes, design precise monitoring program, and capability to store a huge data that could generate different reports accurately. This web application features expandability and flexibility by making standard procedures for database back-up and archiving of records and transactions. The website lets every student create an account and access all its features such as announcements, downloadable forms, schedule of visits and forum discussions. Submission of requirements can upload to the website anytime. Information dissemination like important announcements and events could send to the students via Short Message Service (SMS) notification.

Keywords : OJT Student Record , Management System , SMS Notification
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Title : Development of motorcycle jacket with modified indicator and brake lights
Authors : Allen N. Maroma

The study dealt with the development of a motorcycle indicator and brake light system that is integrated into a standard rider’s jacket. The device was conceived for the purpose of increasing the visibility of the rider especially during night time. The system was developed in such a way that minimal modifications can be made to the lighting system of standard motorcycles in order to incorporate the device. The device was also fabricated by using materials that are readily available in the mainstream electronics market for ease of maintenance. The safety garment was designed so as to easily detach the electronic system integrated for the purpose of laundering. The system can be powered by standard twelve volt battery of motorcycles, it has to be connected to the brake light and turn indicator. The integration or wiring of the system can be performed by any motorcycle mechanic or personnel in any motorcycle accessories shop with minimal instructions.

Keywords : Indicators , Motorcycle , Brake lights , Safety
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Title : Web-based Sanitary Permit Module: A Government-Academe Project Plan
Authors : Jaime P. Pulumbarit

A sanitary permit is issued by the local health authority for an establishment to operate, be it food or not food establishment. With the responsibility of ensuring safety, the development of a Web-based Sanitary Permit Module helps the Sanitation Division of the City Government of Malolos, Bulacan in the processing of sanitary permit to establishments (food or not food) applying or holds existing business permit. The Sanitary Permit Module logs the history of visits of the sanitary inspector and records the behavior of an establishment, including sanitary violations. Gathered sanitary data was identified, and then presented to the City Health Office for validation and approval. The sanitation permit documents apply the necessary regulations from the Local Government Unit of the Sanitation Division focuses on the range of the needs of automating the issuance of sanitary permit to an establishment and covers the following processes such as revoking permit, monitoring sanitation and other processes under the City Health Office of the Local Government Unit of Malolos, Bulacan. The project, however, does not cover the issuance of requirements regarding the requisition of sanitation permit, health certificate and sanitation request form. Thus, the Sanitary Division received sanitary requests from the business permits section.

Keywords : : Sanitary Permit Logs , Sanitary Inspection , Automation Permit , Local Government Unit , Health Office
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Title : Digitized Measuring Wheel for computing signal losses due to cable length
Authors : Bernardo A. Pangilinan

The device solves the problem of determining the location of amplifiers in a cable television network and a telephone network. The device has a wheel with sensor attach to it to send pulses to the microcontroller equivalent to a certain distance traveled by the wheel. The microcontroller also accepts the attenuation factor per unit length available in the coaxial cable specification to be multiplied by the distance covered by the wheel and result in accumulated attenuation or losses produced by the cable at that length this were all done through the microcontroller. Another important parameter which can be input through the keypad towards the microcontroller is the threshold value of attenuation wherein the signal is no longer usable and needs amplification this will create an audible alarm that identify the location of the amplifier. This device will be beneficial in planning of distribution design for cable television using coaxial cable. This is also use for estimating accumulated losses due to cable length for telephone network which still uses coax and data network that uses copper.

Keywords : Microcontroller , Coaxial Cable , attenuation , threshold value , distribution design.
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Title : Barangay Office Management System
Authors : Jaime P. Pulumbarit,Jane Kristine G. Suarez

A Barangay is considered as the smallest unit of the government in the Philippines. It performs the initial operations such as formation and employing of programs, activities, policies and other that involved the community. As the Philippines, population increases, the number of households in each barangay in the country increases. As a result, more and more people are seeking the service of the barangay council as the unit of local government close to people. An increasing number of people mean increasing works for the barangay council members and staff. Today, population continually upgrades those results into a growing number of labor especially the Barangay Secretary, Barangay Treasurer, and Barangay Clerk. Summarizing the procedures in different barangay such as Barangay Tikay, Barangay Dakila, and Barangay Mojon in Malolos City, and Barangay Sta. Monica in Hagonoy, Barangay Panducot in Calumpit and Barangay Malhacan in Meycauayan requiring immediate response to this scenario a possible solution is an efficient and effective Management Information System. The development of a Barangay Office Management System enables the user to manage and print barangay citizen’s request and financial records and reports such as: Payroll for honoraria and allowance, Disbursement voucher, Account’s Advice, Purchase orders, Purchase Receipt, Reimbursement Expense Receipt, Inspection Report, Acceptance Report, Liquidation Report, Accomplishment Report, Requisition and Issue Slip, Summary of Cash Payments, Summary of Checks Issued, Summary of Paid Petty Cash Vouchers, Summary of Collections, Budget Information, Census, Barangay Cases, Barangay Certificates, Barangay Clearance, Barangay Indigency, Barangay Bonifide, Barangay Recommendation, Barangay Permits, Occupancy Permit, Building Permit, Business Permit, Billboard/Tarpaulin Permit and Excavation Permit. Regarding the development tools needed the researchers utilized PyDev Eclipse Version 2.2.4 for the Programming Language and MS SQL 2008 for the database.

Keywords : Barangay , Local Government , Office Management , Secretary , Treasurer
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Title : An inventory model for deteriorating items with variable type demand rate and different selling prices
Authors : P. R. Jayashree

Many goods undergo decay or deterioration over time which suffer from depletion by direct spoilage while stored. So decay or deterioration of these goods in stock is a very realistic feature and it is necessary to use this factor in inventory models. In this paper we have developed an order level inventory model for constant rate of deterioration. We have also considered a variable type of demand which behaves differently in the given time horizon. The demand rate is constant for a certain fixed time and then the demand varies linearly with time. This paper also deals with different selling prices in two different time periods. The objective of the model is to find the optimal on-hand inventory by considering the profit function.

Keywords : Deterministic Inventory Model , Deterioration , Profit functions , Two different selling prices , Variable demand rate
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Title : Reducing error rates in image transmission over 3g system using convolutional code techniques wireless communication networks
Authors : Udeh Ikemefuna James, Lois Onyejere Nwobodo, ,

Error correction codes are widely used in almost all digital systems as they provide a method for dealing with the unknown like noise. This research investigated the role of reducing error rates in image transmission over 3G systems using convolutional coding technique in MATLAB. The error correction code employed was the convolutional error correction codes. The performance of the codes are evaluated based on key performance indicators like Bit Error Rate (BER), number of symbols or data compared and number of errors detected. For the verification of proposed approach, computer simulation results are included. The results show a comparison of the performance terms of their Bit Error Rate (BER) of convolutional code with different code rate ( ½ and 1 /3 ) used. Based on the results, between 60% and 65% improvement on coding was achieved between reference points of 10-2 and 10-4 respectively for the two code rates. The results also show that as the Bit Error Rate (BER) decreased, the coded system can transmit data signals with at least 3dB less power, so making the performance of the coded system better than the uncoded system.

Keywords : Error Correction , Bit Error Rate , 3g Network , Convolution Code , Transmission Over
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Title : Packet loss minimization in asynchronous transfer mode (atm) in wireless communication networks
Authors : Udeh Ikemefuna James,Lois Onyejere Nwobodo,

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) is a multiplexing/switching protocol for broadband services where information flow on logical connections are organized in fixed size cells called packets. The fundamental problem of this wide area switched networks is packet losses due to congestion, bit errors or deliberate discards/. This paper focused on the reduction of packet losses to ensure optimal performance of the ATM network. analysis of the distribution of consecutive cell losses in ATM switch and loss process analysis of the knockout switch using stochastic activity networks are proposed. UltraSAN, a SAN based performance modeling and analysis tool were used to automatically generate and construct the needed Markov processes of the underlying stochastic activities of the switch and workload. Packet losses and loss rate were determined using active probe utilities. Results showed that a percentage of 0.01 to 10 percent reduction in packet losses were achieved by the combination of high activity fractions and low loads.

Keywords : Asynchronous Transfer Mode , Packet Loses ATM Switch , Active Probe Activities , Low Load
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Title : C/C++ Program- Determination of Energy Band Gap from UV-Visible Spectrograph Results
Authors : Rajivgandhi S,Dinesh Kumar A,Balamurugan K

Currently computers are used in all areas of research and development. Main theme of this article is how and why we will use the high level programming languages like C/C++ languages for simple calculation in physics. This article reports the energy band gap of materials using C program. The calculation made by characterization of sample using absorbance spectrum of sample is obtained from UV–Vis Spectrometer. We have written and executed the C program successfully for the calculation of band gap energy. While executing the program we got better and accurate results.

Keywords : C/C++ program , energy band gap , UV-Visible spectrograph
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Title : Black-Scholes PDE and Ornstein-Uhlenbeck SDE Process to Analyse Stock Option- A Study in Fuzzy Context
Authors : M. Shahjalal,Abeda Sultana,Maheswara Rao Valluri,Nirmal Kanti Mitra,A.F.M. Khodadad Khan

Option valuation plays an important role in financial derivative. Prices of underlying assets are derived from other assets. In this paper, Fuzzy approximation to Black-Scholes PDE is considered to analyze options. Ornstein-Uhlenbeck SDE process is solved numerically to visualize the future price trajectory of stock. Drift and diffusion coefficients of SDE process are considered as triangular fuzzy numbers. The study found to be a qualitative and satisfactory agreement while comparing the real data.

Keywords : Fuzzy stochastic differential equation , Black-Scholes PDE , Ornstein-Uhlenbeck SDE , Drift , Diffusion , Derivative , Option
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