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Antioxidant activity of polybotanical multinutrient formula. The activity equivalent to mM Trolox (Vitamin E analog) was analyzed using antioxidant assay kit and plotted against PMF concentrations (**p < 0.01, ***p < 0.001 by ANOVA and compared with untreated control sample using Dunnett’s multiple comparison test).

Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Effects of a Polybotanical Multinutrient Formula

Authors: Cheppail Ramachandran,Barry J. Wilk, Steven J. Melnick Isaac Eliaz

The novel polybotanical multinutrient formula (PMF) IonShield was analyzed for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. PMF is a blend of botanical extracts and nutrients designed for cellular protection from free radical damage and oxidative stress such as from environmental, technological, occupational or medical related radiation exposure.

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Screening, Production and Antibacterial Activity of Bacteriocin from Lactobacillus spp..

Authors:- Hinal A. Gandevia,Nehal D. Rana,Binita A. Desai

The intent of the study is to determine the antimicrobial activity of Lactobacillus producing bacteriocin isolated from samples like dairy product (milk, curd), meat (mutton, chicken), sea food (fish, black prawns, white prawns), and alcoholic beverages (red wine, rose wine). The isolation was carried out by using de Man Rogosa Sharpe (MRS) agar medium.

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Cord bilirubin levels as a predictive marker for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia: A prospective study

Authors:- Parul Sehgal, S Wasim, V Chandar, A Gupta, A Rawat, V Kalra,N Pandita, N K Bhat

Purpose Hyperbilirubinemia is the most common medical problem in newborn infants. Early discharge is recommended but hospital readmission is a cause of concern among clinicians ,and early discharge of neonates is recommended. Continue reading


A study on necrotizing fasciitis and other wound infections

Authors:- Purimitla Usharani, Payala Vijayalakshmi

Purpose A wound is commonly infected because there is loss of integrity of skin. Infected wound delays wound healing due to the lack of defense mechanism, blood supply and lack of oxygen. The present study was focused on the incidence of various pathogens in different types of wound infections and the variations in their antibiotic susceptibility have been analyzed. Continue reading


Avulsion Fracture of the Calcaneal Tuberosity: Report of two cases with literature review

Authors:-Tarik Elyacoubi1, Jalal Mekkaoui, Abdellatif El bahraoui, Salim Bouabid, Mustapha Boussouga

Avulsion fractures of the calcaneal tuberosity remains rare; they usually caused by forced ankle dorsiflexion; direct trauma occur infrequently; it must be treated immediately; to avoid the skin necrosis of the posterior heel; the treatment approach is of interest in this rare injury and the operative management is based on a review of the literature.

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