Plant Tissue Culture [Principles & Protocols]

January 15, 2020


Chapter 1: Plant Tissue Culture: Introduction and History

Chapter 2: Laboratory Infrastructure

Chapter 3: Culture Media

Chapter 4: Sterilisation Methods 

Chapter 5: Tissue and Cell Culture Techniques

Chapter 6: Cellular Totipotency and Cytodifferentiation

Chapter 7: Plant Propagation—Meristem Cultures and Somatic Embryogenesis

Chapter 8 Haploid Production- Androgenesis

Chapter 9: Haploid Production- Gynogenesis

Chapter 10: Triploid Production

Chapter 11: Zygotic Embryo Culture

Chapter12: In Vitro Pollination and Fertilization

Chapter 13: Somatic Hybridisation and Cybridisation

Chapter 14: Somaclonal and Gametoclonal Variant Selection

Chapter 15: Genetic Manipulation: Gene Constructs, Vectors and Transformation Methods

Chapter 16: Micropropagation

Chapter 17: Production of Virus-Free Plants

Chapter 18: Industrial Phytochemicals: Secondary Metabolite Production

Chapter 19: Germplasm Conservation

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