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A Colombian woman is likely to be offended if you ask her right away: “Eres prostituta?” and that means you need certainly to broach this issue with subtlety.

Here’s my golden guideline for starting on Tinder in Colombia: Don’t spam.

Do that rather: flip through her pictures and also have a quick browse of her bio.

You’re to locate hooks.

Listed here are a couple of instance openers in Spanish:

The lady who’s a lot of travel photos:

También fui a (name of this accepted spot) hace un tiempo, cuándo fuiste tú? / we was at (name of this spot) not long ago too. Whenever do you go?

Your ex who may have connected her Spotify account to her Tinder:

Que buenos gustos musicales tienes! / exactly what a taste that is great music you have got!

Spanish Or English?

Constantly Spanish… with one exception.

If she’s got written her profile in English, available in English. After a couple of exchanges, switch to Spanish to show that you’re not a typical tourist.

If you’re only using English on Tinder in Colombia, you’ll meet cuntier girls.

Here’s just what I Am Talking About:

If she talks English, you are able to guarantee she has dated a lot of other international dudes. If that’s the case, you’ve got reduced value inside her eyes. You’re interchangeable and expendable.

Note: In towns such as for example Medellin, Tinder is now inundated with prostitutes and transvestites. Continue reading