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Thread: Prohibited on tinder. What’s the workaround to reclaim on misc? Will representative.

Blocked on tinder

It was in the news recently OP, uncertain they have discovered a solution however.

Transgender men and women are reportedly being forbidden from Tinder

We trolled various feminists and so they noted me personally.. At this point simple account was under evaluation and only option I have would be to sign aside.

Attempt Grinder, much better rate of success.

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corroborate you are not just a tranny


Oh dear if this avi try actual.

Have you ever attempted opting-in utilizing a brand new fb accounts?

Enroll In POF. It consists of equally many feminists as you are able to troll in addition, on the plus area, if you’re really looking to satisfy some one, the girls on the website tend to be much more severe versus your on tinder and thus theres a significantly better probability of conference them/hooking upward. 96.98754percent from the ladies on tinder only utilize it for attention and new instagram follower

some sloots can not handle heat and review you

84.8686per cent of females on POF are solitary mom wanting dat der child support. No thx jeff.

wait day. Providing you havent broke any policies, then you’ll end up being unbanned. Continue reading