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Needless to say, it is not likely feasible (or recommended) for reporters to match Oliver’s comedic chops

On “Last Tonight,” Oliver shows a commitment to accuracy and truth, but he couldn’t care less about balance week. In Sunday’s feature portion, as an example, Oliver eviscerated legislators in new york, Texas, Wisconsin as well as other states for implementing voter ID laws, which he criticizes as thinly veiled efforts to suppress voter turnout among teams that have a tendency to help Democrats. As Oliver points away, the reality on this issue are unmistakably clear: Voter impersonation is incredibly uncommon when you look at the U.S., with just a few documented situations each election; the voter ID regulations designed to fix this “problem” disproportionately impact African United states and Latino voters, whom historically are more inclined to help Democrats; and also the backers associated with the voter ID rules are nearly solely Republicans.

A conventional journalist, wanting to avoid costs of partisanship or bias, would feel compelled to steadfastly keep up neutrality and stability while creating a tale about voter ID regulations. Oliver alternatively did this. Continue reading