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Girl confronts boyfriend about having Tinder – along with his description is ‘ludicrous’

A female was surprised to see her boyfriend had downloaded an app that is dating she had been much more astonished by the strange explanation he offered for carrying it out

The most crucial component of any flourishing relationship is trust.

But one girl is finding it only a little hard to trust her partner right now, after discovering he had downloaded an app that is dating their phone.

The unnamed 29-year-old girl has had to Reddit to share with you her dilemma, exposing that she confronted her boyfriend concerning the whole thing.

She had been understandably pretty overwhelmed as to the reasons he could have the application – nevertheless the description he offered her did little to simply help quell her worries.

Composing on Reddit’s Relationship guidance forum, the girl stated: “Did my boyfriend really create a Tinder account to to look at guys’s haircuts?

“I been with my BF for a 12 months now, and also for the final 90 days we have been residing together in quarantine.

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“He possessed a buzz cut except for the last three months hasn’t gone out to get a haircut for obvious reasons since I first met him. Continue reading