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We have a critical concern about “Nutaku” a buddy referrer me about 4-5 months ago to a game title We finished up investing almost $300 in a casino game here because We liked to but eventually quit playing because of true to life reasons along with other games for a couple months, We visited go back recently to see if anything had changed The game continues to be here But my character and every thing is apparently deleted.

the video game never talked about for me that maybe perhaps not playing or logging in would character that is delete, or i mightnot have invested hardly any money here but the F.A.Q on Nutaku claims some writers delete games even though there are major issues We have about Nutaku as a business.

Legally the business is covered under their regards to Service.

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Nevertheless the relevant concerns are.

. Just how do I get your hands on the designers we filed an admission about 5 times ago now to your designers, nonetheless it appears that “Nutaku” doesn’t always have a support admission system like “Sony” or some of these other MMORPG businesses on the market which will be very hard to inform in the event that solution also experienced precisely or what I wrote and such because I can’t see what. Like 5 days ago but haven’t got a response yet* I did use the contact developer link and sent it.*

Exactly why are games on Nutaku not necessary to provide a caution if information will soon be deleted if a person does not play inside a particular time period? Continue reading