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Classical Rhetoric 101: The Five Canons of Rhetoric – Invention

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show on Classical Rhetoric. Today we’re throwing off a five-part portion on the Five Canons of Rhetoric. The five Canons of Rhetoric constitute a system and guide on crafting powerful speeches and writing as you remember from our brief introduction to classical rhetoric. It is additionally a template through which to evaluate effective rhetoric. The Five Canons had been brought together and arranged by the Roman orator Cicero, inside the treatise, De Inventione, written around 50 BC. 150 years later on in 95 advertisement, the Roman rhetorician Quintilian explored the Five Canons in more level in their landmark 12-volume textbook on rhetoric, Institutio Oratoria. Their textbook, and therefore the Five Canons of Rhetoric, continued in order to become the backbone of rhetorical education well in to the medieval period.

Adequate utilizing the history. Do you know the Five Canons of Rhetoric? Happy you asked.

The Five Canons of Rhetoric are:

  • inventio (invention): The process of refining and developing your arguments.
  • dispositio (arrangement): the entire process of arranging and organizing your arguments for optimum effect.
  • elocutio (design): the entire process of determining the manner in which you provide your arguments utilizing numbers of message along with other rhetorical techniques. Continue reading