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Antioxidant activity of polybotanical multinutrient formula. The activity equivalent to mM Trolox (Vitamin E analog) was analyzed using antioxidant assay kit and plotted against PMF concentrations (**p < 0.01, ***p < 0.001 by ANOVA and compared with untreated control sample using Dunnett’s multiple comparison test).

Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Effects of a Polybotanical Multinutrient Formula

Authors: Cheppail Ramachandran,Barry J. Wilk, Steven J. Melnick Isaac Eliaz

The novel polybotanical multinutrient formula (PMF) IonShield was analyzed for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. PMF is a blend of botanical extracts and nutrients designed for cellular protection from free radical damage and oxidative stress such as from environmental, technological, occupational or medical related radiation exposure.

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Transverse and longitudinal matrix cracking evolution in composite laminates: a damage criterion

Authors : Jean-Luc Rebiere

After numerous numerical simulation on the distribution of the stress field in damage composite cross ply laminates we have elaborate an energy criterion. This energy criterion is based on the computation of some partial parts of the strain energy release rate associated with each damage types and for the three loading mode (mode I (opening mode), mode II (sliding mode) and mode III (tearing mode)). In the related criterion, linear fracture based approach, several hypothesis are used to simplify the damage criterion. Continue reading

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Suspended sediment impact on chlorophyll a, nitrogen and phosphorus relationships in Moon Lake, MS, USA

Authors : Scott Knight,Mary King,Charles Cooper

Moon Lake, MS is a 947 ha. oxbow lake of the Mississippi River Alluvial Plain also known as the Mississippi Delta. Land use within the Moon Lake watershed during the sampling period was predominantly conventionally tilled cotton and soybean farming. Water was sampled from five sites, bi-weekly from 1982 to 1985. Analysis of surface water quality reviled loading of nutrients from nonpoint source pollution associated with agricultural runoff. Continue reading


Brain Tumor with Pregnancy A Rare Entity

Authors : Ruchi Sinha,Ravishankar Prasad

A case of brain tumor with pregnancy in third trimester is reported. The literature is reviewed to show the effect of pregnancy on these tumors, the method of diagnosis and management. The presence of a brain tumor in pregnancy is a state of a diagnosis of scarce presentation in the medical practice. A high clinical suspicion on the part of the obstetrician is the key to timely diagnosis as the symptoms of headache, Continue reading