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I want a casual hookup, definitely not a relationship aˆ“ how do you declare that on Tinder?

Extremely 37, a solitary mama and have always been searching for some one, although not a man. After many years of slowly shedding your mojo and sexual poise, i will be slowly and gradually rediscovering our driving and wishes and now are interested in somebody to browse that with.

Basically, i would like somebody to have sexual intercourse with rather than much otherwise.

We donaˆ™t would like a daddy body for our son or daughter, nicer looking nice simply because it is to grab a bite and a glass or two, which truly in so far as I need considerations to get.

Really interested in a semi-regular hookup with an individual i could learn over time and explore my personal sex, but I’m not prepared to really fulfill people for the long term. Continue reading