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We had been interested in the realities of workplace intercourse – did many people have good experiences?

“Everything ended up being fine — until we separated”

I was dating a fellow cast member during a dance-intensive show so I was a professional musical theater actress for a while and. Every thing had been fine — until we separated. I was the smallest woman in the cast, we had many dance lifts together during the show, the sort of death defying pick-you-up-and-spin-you-over-my-head sort since he was the largest man and. Needless to state, he got vindictive and dropped me personally times that are several rehearsal. It had been childish and stupid, and provided me with a lot more than a few bumps and bruises. I would not suggest dating your lift partner. Trust in me, it does not come out well. Happily the manager took note in which he was not offered party functions from then on. –23-year-old girl, Seattle

“he is still with his spouse and I have actually raised our son singlehandedly. today”

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I ‘hooked up’ with a co-worker. The two of us struggled to obtain a big, multi-national business. Most of the (male) staff invested their week out of the house and came back house on the week-end. We wound up sharing a household and I accustomed just just simply just take him to your airport on Friday nights and choose him through to Monday early morning! That has been over twenty years ago. He is still with his wife and I have raised our son singlehandedly today.

[My son is] a effective man that is young at college getting a mathematics level. Continue reading