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Gay on Campus: The Directly Roommate. Names have already been changed to safeguard the privacy of my friends…and me.

One of the more terrifying elements of college—for anyone—is the random roomie experience. As well as for us gays, the whole ordeal could be a lot more awkward sauce if we’re assigned to call home having a close-minded, homophobic boy that is straight. It occurs significantly more than you may think.

While gender-neutral housing may be the brand brand new colleges that are frontier—some

currently have residence halls where both a male and female can room—most occupy one institutions adhere to the “same-sex dorm room” staple.

Simply Just Take my pal John* John found the University of Southern Carolina freshly out from the wardrobe and able to embrace their sex. He opted not to room with me personally (Nevertheless bitter about this, John!) in support of the “classic” random college roomie experience. The effect? John had been put in an upperclassmen residence that is apartment-style with two (seemingly!) homophobic freshmen fraternity hopefuls. Continue reading