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How I compromised Tinder account utilizing Facebook’s levels gear and garnered $6,250 in bounties

This is exactly are printed by using the approval of myspace under the liable disclosure approach.

The vulnerabilities mentioned within this blog post happened to be connected immediately by engineering teams of Facebook and Tinder.

This document is focused on an account takeover weakness I realized in Tinder’s application. By exploiting this, an opponent could have attained use of the victim’s Tinder account, which need to have made use of their phone number to log on.

This could possibly have already been used through a vulnerability in Facebook’s levels equipment, which facebook or twitter has now dealt with.

Both Tinder’s internet and mobile phone solutions enable people to use their smartphone quantities to log into needed. Which sign on provider try provided by profile Kit (facebook or twitter).

Login Tool Run On Facebook’s Accountkit on Tinder

The consumer clicks in go online with Phone Number on thereafter they have been rerouted to for sign on. If verification works subsequently profile Kit passes by the connection token to Tinder for connect to the internet.

Surprisingly, the Tinder API was not checking the client ID on token supplied by membership gear.

This allowed the attacker to use virtually any app’s connection token provided by accounts set to consider over the true Tinder records of other owners.

Weakness Explanation

Profile package is actually an item of Twitter that allows consumers fast register for and log in to some authorized software by making use of merely their names and phone numbers or emails without the need for a code. Actually trustworthy, user friendly, and offers the consumer a decision about precisely how they will sign up for programs.

Tinder are a location-based mobile phone software for researching and achieving other people. Continue reading