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Whether a person refer to it as mother Flo, The Red Tide, this is the Monthly Visit, a surprise time period are a true downer — not to mention rough on wash.

However the times of making use of pencil and papers to keep up with of monthly period series include past. Software for time period tracking has proliferated both for iphone 3gs and Android os. Some of those programs are pretty straight forward calendars; other people has area for monitoring cervical mucus and body environment to help you female determine after being ovulating. The majority of apps will “learn” with regards to the amount of their bicycle in time to very best forecast as soon as your subsequent duration arise.

Of the numerous highly regarded time period tracking programs readily available, our absolute favorite is idea (no-cost, iPhone, droid), which expenditures by itself as “self-confident, scientific — not green.”

Idea’s half-atom, half-flower symbol doesn’t yell “period tracker,” that makes it a discreet companion to your residence display screen. The app life to its vow of no white with a gray, purple and bluish design system. It eschews emoji-style symbols for additional classic illustrations, though they’re not without a feeling of laughs: The mark for intercourse are a reclining people. The mark for unsafe sex are a reclining person putting on a necktie. Continue reading