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In accordance with other South countries that are american is costly to accomplish company in Colombia.

company within the major urban centers of Bogota and Cartagena resembles the expenses in US and cities that are european.

Company facilities of Colombia focus on developing a business environment that is modern. Company etiquette is globally minded, but nonetheless affected by Colombian norms that are cultural. Many company is relegated towards the metropolitan areas. In these towns, those who work in the personal sector tend to be more advanced compared to other areas. There is certainly a ensuing class that is obvious between those people who have usage of training and business among others. Across all socioeconomic areas and areas, Colombians are difficult performing people who have a demonstrably strong work ethic.

As a result of governmental and unrest that is social going outside the major metropolitan areas should really be done cautiously.

Colombian Company Attire

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Conventional business attire is normal in Colombia. The Colombians simply simply just take pride in being placed together and polished. Guys should wear matches in dark, basic colors. Ladies should wear very same, including womens matches and expert dresses. Be well groomed, constantly. Do not be too casual.

Footwear are extremely crucial. Usually do not underestimate them. It really is never ever appropriate to put on athletic shoes outside of an athletic context. Dress footwear should always be well looked after, keeping them refined and clean.

Ladies should do not be extremely fancy, though makeup products and heels would be the norm.


Daytime company is more usually suit-and-tie. Continue reading