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5 items to love about Mexico and its particular paradoxical, enriching embrace

Tracey Horan Mexico 4 CROP.jpg

“Bring the tequila spectacles — we are celebrating!” my housemate exclaimed. It was yet another Wednesday aftern n, however with a three-course meal on the table, including fresh-squeezed juice and bread from scratch, you’d think we were commemorating something monumental, perhaps not the fact two of us were celebrating 3 months considering that the day’s our arrival.

Celebration, in these situations, seems both hard and important. The four of us — three Missionary Sisters of the Eucharist from Mexico and me, a cousin of Providence from the United States — share life that is typical a common ministry of accompanying migrants who’ve been deported or would like asylum. Their tales paint a picture that is bleak of reality of physical violence and corruption in quiver app dating Mexico. Final thirty days, 85% of those whom came through the Kino Border Initiative’s migrant aid center the very first time were from Mexico, and about one in six of them were violence that is fleeing.

This is simply not shocking, given the truth that Mexico is on track to create a record that is new homicides in 2019, and several migrants we meet are coming from the states where this violence has peaked Guerrero, Chiapas, Oaxaca. Continue reading