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Just how to maybe maybe Not Get Stood Up for a night out together. As InsideHooks self-appointed app-dater in residence, it is my work to report in the ongoing state of dating in 2019 through the trenches of Tinder and Hinge.

Youre setting yourself up for failure if youre not sending a same-day confirmation text before every date

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As InsideHooks app-dater that is self-appointed residence, its my task to report in the present state of dating in 2019 from the trenches of Tinder and Hinge.

This week, we provide one of the best unspoken necessities of modern relationship, that I have actually somewhat clumsily coined The pre-date confirmation text.

The mostly unwritten rule states that if one party ideally the person who initiated the date fails to deliver a day-of text confirming plans, the date is assumed canceled. Really, we assume ourselves ghosted until proven otherwise.

sext: vaguely invite me personally to one thing after which do not text me personally regarding the time regarding the thing

This training is detailed in a period one bout of the scripted podcast Too Old To Date, when the recently divorced Mike discovers himself stood up by way of a Tinder date in early stages inside the post-marriage foray into app-dating. Continue reading