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Let me make it clear I deserve it about i get spanked sometimes when.

Usually he bends me personally over their leg and makes use of their available hand back at my bare bottom and I get the belt or paddel if I am really bad. Normally until Im crying and possess a bottom that is red. then place me into the corner for nevertheless long he states i need to stay here and I go back over his knee for the same treatment if I move or touch my bottom.

I have spanked if We disobey a direct purchase, lie, or be disrespectful. Ordinarily he grabs me and sets me personally over their leg (and quite often in frot of men and women if embarrassment is going to do me personally g d) the smacks my bottom I may get belted, paddled, or just a warm up with the hand until he thinks Ive learned my lesson, depending on the severity of my offense, pants and undies may come down and. A while later, corner time with my back showing if i move or anthing if I dont move, dont get put back over his knee and he holds me while I cry and rubs my sore bottom so he can slap it. if i actually do go, I have placed right back over their leg for similar therapy

Mine should, yes. We practice DD within our home so when control is indicated it’s delivered. My doll is a little of the girl that is spoiled. I offer her anything she wants, do just about anything on her, and seldom tell her no on any such thing. She is loved by me dearly, but guidelines are rules. She frequently gets it on her behalf mouth, acting out, maybe not after through on things, p r (inadequate) communication and life that is making, but mostly for perhaps not fulfilling individual goals associated with physical fitness.

Love and respect would be the many key elements in in this way of life, for all of us. DD, for people, is approximately accountability to one another mainly, but in addition about her submission to her guy. This woman is a very g d and woman that is wonderful We have a great deal admiration on her behalf conformity and commitment to the life and relationship. Continue reading